poker sports league

Are you a poker veteran who wants to lead an enthusiastic roster?

Are you a poker great who has the best poker face on the table?

Are you that young amateur who eats, sleeps and plays poker 24X7?

Then the Poker Sports League (PSL) is your one shot at Poker greatness.


A highly charged player centric, action packed league of the game of poker.


For everyone who plays, follows, adores and worships poker.

For what?

For the pride in the game you love.

For playing the game like it is supposed to be.

For showcasing your skill.

For winning money.


The Poker Sports League is one unified poker league which will offer Indian poker players the chance to be a part of 12 teams who fight it out for the ultimate glory in poker.

PSL will be the culmination of a series of skill testing and nerve wracking poker qualifiers in the lead up to a scintillating Finale which crowns the ultimate team in poker.


Because poker is as much a sport as cricket or football.

Because skills needs to beat the luck.

Because poker deserves its glory and gamification.