Pro Player Draft

Here are the final 36 players who have made it to Pro Draft of Season -1

S. No. Name Region Drafted From
1 Abhinav Iyer West Pro App Phase-1
2 Abhishek Jalan North Popularity Index
3 Abhishek Shivhare South Pro App Phase-2
4 Alok Ranjan West Pro App Phase-2
5 Aman Dhamija North Democratic Vote
6 Amar Katharani West Popularity Index
7 Amit Ajwani West Mentor Draft
8 Amit Sur West Pro App Phase-1
9 Anmol Srivats South Pro App Phase-1
10 Bhavesh Nainani West Pro App Phase-1
11 Deepak Bothra West Pro App Phase-2
12 Eka Vedantham South Pro App Phase-2
13 Jaideep Sajwan South Pro App Phase-1
14 Kartik Ved West Pro App Phase-2
15 Keshav Chadha North Pro App Phase-2
16 Laveena Belani West Pro App Phase-1
17 Madan Kumar South Mentor Draft
18 Manoj Pentakota South Pro App Phase-2
19 Mayank Agarwal East Pro App Phase-2
20 Nishant Sharma West Popularity Index
21 Paawan Bansal North Pro App Phase-1
22 Phanindra Akkina South Pro App Phase-2
23 Prabakar Che South Pro App Phase-2
24 Pranjal Batra West Pro App Phase-1
25 Ratul Steves South Pro App Phase-2
26 Sahil Agarwal East Mentor Draft
27 Sahil Chutani North Pro App Phase-1
28 Sangeeth Mohan South Mentor Draft
29 Sharad Rao North Mentor Draft
30 Siddarth Singhvi South Mentor Draft
31 Sumit Sapra North Mentor Draft
32 Tarun Goyal North Pro App Phase-1
33 Vidwath Shetty South Pro App Phase-2
34 Vinod Megalmani South Mentor Draft
35 Vivek Rughani West Pro App Phase-1
36 Zarvan Tumboli West Popularity Index