The poker sports league college edition is a platform for the top colleges in India to participate and compete against each other in a unique team based structure. Thousands of students compete to become a part of their respective college teams

Having completed four seasons successfully, the Poker Sports League is all set to come back with a bigger & better season 5. Now we are searching for the most talented poker-playing college in India. PSL college edition is a platform for college students to showcase their poker skills on a national level and a chance to be a part of their favorite city PSL team in Season 5.

36 COllege TEAMs, 1 winner

  • Thousands of students, across 36 colleges compete to become a part of their college poker team
  • Students will play 3 matches across 3 days, and the top 6 players on the leaderboard will represent the college team.
  • Each team will get rewards worth 20,000
  • 36 college teams will be divided into 6 groups of 6 teams.
  • Through SnG’s or MTT’s we will determine the top 6 teams in India.
  • The top team from each group will progress to the Finale.
  • Each team will be assigned a coach for training and a poker bootcamp
  • 6 teams will compete through SnG’s and MTT’s to determine the Best Poker team in India
  • Top 6 teams, based on their rankings will get a piece of a 5 lac prize pool


Kick off event

17th July

Student Qualifier (Intra College Tournament)

July to september

College Qualifier (Inter College Tournaments)

sEPTember TO OCTober

PSL college edition Finale (Mega Final)