The FAQ’s section has been divided in several easy to browse help topics to make it easy to solve your query. If your question isn’t listed below please feel free to contact our customer care executive.


  • Q. Why should I register for PSL?

    A. If you aspire to be a part of any teams or be up to speed with information on the league, then you need to register as a player first. Any Indian poker player who wishes to play the game as a sport and showcase his skill should register for PSL and give himself the chance to be a part of the teams.

  • Q. What are the remunerations for a player?

    A. A player who makes it to the teams will have the following minimum remunerations. There is a remuneration for every player who is selected as an active player in any PSL team. Each player will also have a winning incentive which will be a percentage of the total prize pool of the team. These remunerations will increase based on team performance in the Finale.

    Mentor 5,00,000 10%
    Pro 2,00,000 7%
    Qualifier 1,00,000 3%
  • Q. Is my personal information safe with PSL?

    A. PSL doesn’t share the information entered by a player while registering with any third party. PSL does reserve the right to share this information with any sponsors/endorsers for the event. The sponsors can use this information for advertorial purposes only. Sponsors are not entitled to further share or sell this information.
    Players should also note that all the information they provide should be within the legal framework of the country and all laws have been complied with.

  • Q. I want to register. Should I choose as a pro player or a qualifier registration?

    A. Any Indian poker player who feels that they have enough poker accomplishments should register for the Pro player draft. On the other hand, if you are just starting up as a player, then you should play live or online events to qualify.

  • Q. How much does it cost to be a part of PSL?

    A. There is no fee to a part of PSL. Any poker player register as a PSL player free of cost.

  • Q. Can I keep my username secret?

    A. Your username cannot be kept secret if you wish to enter the drafting pool. Since this needs to be an open forum players in the drafting pool, any anonymous player cannot be gauged on skills and cannot be drafted.

  • Q. Can I change my username? How?

    A. PSL doesn’t encourage its players to change their usernames. In a dire circumstance if you need to change the same, please write an email to us with the reason for the same.

  • Q. If after registration, I decide to not be a part of PSL can I delete my account?

    A. A PSL account cannot be deleted. But if you don’t wish to be a part of PSL and have a chance to be drafted then you need to inform PSL as soon as possible by email.

  • Q. How is the prize pool divided?

    A. 61% of the winnings go to the Team Owner and 39 % towards Player Incentive inSeason 2


  • Q. How are the teams selected? Who decides the team selection?

    A. For Season 2, Team owners have the option to retain 1 player from each category of mentor, live qualifier and online qualifier. Post retention of players, a drafting pool is made of various categories of players (Pro, live qualifier, online qualifier), the team owners and mentors enter a team drafting session. The team selection is the prerogative of the Team Owner and the Mentor.

  • Q. What are regions and how are they divided?

    A. The league has divided into North, South, East and West with the States and Union Territories falling under as:-

    • NORTH
      • - Chandigarh
      • - NCR
      • - Haryana
      • - Himachal Pradesh
      • - Jammu and Kashmir
      • - Punjab
      • - Rajasthan
      • - Uttar Pradesh
      • - Uttarakhand
    • SOUTH
      • - Andhra Pradesh
      • - Karnataka
      • - Kerala
      • - Lakshadweep
      • - Puducherry
      • - Tamil Nadu
      • - Telangana
    • EAST
      • - Andaman and Nicobar Islands
      • - Arunachal Pradesh
      • - Bihar
      • - Jharkhand
      • - Manipur
      • - Meghalaya
      • - Mizoram
      • - Nagaland
      • - Sikkim
      • - Tripura
      • - West Bengal
    • WEST
      • - Chhattisgarh
      • - Dadra and Nagar Haveli
      • - Daman and Diu
      • - Goa
      • - Gujarat
      • - Madhya Pradesh
      • - Maharashtra
  • Q. How do the teams fall under these regions?

    A. Here is how the regions of the teams are divided.
    North – Team Delhi, Team Haryana, Team Punjab and Team Rajasthan
    South – Team Bengaluru, Team Chennai and Team Kochi
    East – Team Kolkata and Team North East
    West – Team Goa, Team Gujarat, Team Mumbai and Team Pune

  • Q. What if I don't want to play for a certain team?

    A. The player doesn’t get to choose which team he gets to be in. It is the team owners and mentors who select the players.

  • Q. What happens if I am not selected during bidding after being drafted?

    A. A player who isn’t selected in a particular season of PSL after making the draft gets to play special pre qualifiers and get an advantage (multiplier) for the next season.

  • Q. What are the perks on being part of the team?

    A. Apart from the direct monetary perks mentioned above, players stand to be exposed to endorsements and advertising deals as PSL enters it future leagues. Players also get team poker exposure which is currently unavailable in India. Players also get a shot of poker glory and the limelight and media attention that follows similar sports leagues in India.

  • Q. What is snake draft bidding?

    A. PSL teams will be drafted on the snake draft bidding methodology in a live event attended by team owners and mentors. The snake draft is divided into rounds— one round for every available roster spot on each team. For example, if the league has 8-man rosters, your draft will have 8 rounds. In a snake draft, each Team owner has one pick in each round. Each team makes its first-round pick based on a predetermined order. When the first round is over, the team that picked last in the first round picks first in the second round — in other words, the draft snakes back on itself. The team that had the first pick in the first round now has the last pick in the second round and the first pick in the third round. This goes on till all the teams are drafted.

  • Q. How are Wild Entries decided?

    A. Wild card entries are decided by the team owners and mentor. There are no rules to this decision and anyone could be a wild card entry in the team.

  • Q. Can I give an application for being a part of Wild Entries?

    A. There is no application form for wild card entries. But in case a player feels he can add value as a wild card, he can approach team owners/mentors directly.

  • Q. What’s the difference between a Mentor and a Pro?

    A. A mentor will have administrative privileges over the team. Not only is he instrumental in decision making, he is also the controlling authority of the team along with the team owner. He is the bridging gap between the team owner and the team. The Pro, on the other hand is a key player albeit with no administrative privileges on the team. He is more privileged with respect to his remunerations but his rights are the same as the other players on the team.

  • Q. Once selected in the team, what will be my obligations?

    A. Please read the code of conducts for a player’s obligations.


  • Q. What if I don’t have proofs of my winnings right now?

    A. You can save the application as you go along which will give you time to collect all related documents. Once your application is submitted, it cannot be changed. However, you can mail supporting documents to info@pokersportsleague.com till the deadline.
    From next season the pros draft will be decided on the achievements of the players during Season 1 of Poker Sports League and will be referred to as PSL Pros.

  • Q. I don’t have proofs of the winnings, what are my chances of making it to the draft?

    A. Your chances of making to the draft pool becomes lower.

  • Q. If my name is not on the pro draft, can I still play in the qualifiers?

    A. Anyone who has registered to be a PSL player can also play in the qualifiers. If your name isn’t in the pro player draft and you wish to play in the PSL then it is recommended you play the qualifiers.

  • Q. If my name is in the pro draft but I am still not selected in the teams, should I play the qualifiers as a backup?

    A. If you are in the pool of drafting players of Pros but don’t get selected then it is recommended to play the qualifiers to make the other set of drafting players of PSL teams.

  • Q. Can I withdraw my application once submitted?

    A. Yes, if it is done before the draft announcement. Once the draft is announced, the player is contractually obligated to play for the team of selected.

  • Q. What are my chances of selection in the pro draft if I have only done well in online events?

    A. A player has the choice of applying for the Pro player draft based on his live or online achievements. If a player has only done well in online events, then he should apply accordingly.
    A player’s live performance counts more in pro player application than online but if a player has had phenomenal success in online tourneys then the PSL will consider the same.

  • Q. If I miss the deadline, can I still apply as a pro?

    A. No, the league cannot accommodate any player who has missed any of the deadlines.

  • Q. Can pro spots be transferred?

    A. Pro player seats are non-transferrable. A pro is chosen on the virtue of his own poker skills and he cannot transfer this seat. Once a player reaches a drafting pool, he or she is contractually liable to play the event.


  • Q. Will the schedule for live and online events be decided before hand?

    A. The schedule for both the online as well as Live qualifiers will be released before hand on the PSL site. There will be complete details of date, venue and structures of said events.

  • Q. Can I play both live and online qualifiers?

    A. A player can play for both the live as well as online qualifiers. This will give him a chance to qualify on either format based on where his performance is better.

  • Q. What is the structure of online qualifiers?

    A. All online qualifiers will be No-limit Texas Hold’em.
    Starting Stack – 7500 (150BB)
    Blind level – 12 mins
    Starting Blind – 25/50
    ITM – 20% of the field

  • Q. What is the structure of live qualifiers?

    A. All live qualifiers will be No-limit Texas Hold’em.
    Starting Stack – 5000
    Blind level – 20 mins
    Starting Blind – 25/50
    ITM -20% of the field

  • Q. Can qualifier spots be transferred?

    A. Seats are not transferable between players. Once a player reaches a drafting pool, he or she is contractually liable to play the event.

  • Q. What is the buy-in to play in the events? Is there any fee? Any pre-registration?

    A. There is no buyin to any of the qualifier events. Similarly, there is no fee. Pre-registration is recommended for all qualifiers since there are limited seats.

  • Q. How are the leaderboard points allotted?

    A. The leaderboard points for the live and online qualifiers are calculation based on a pre-decided formula. Here is a look with Buy-In fixed as 10,000.

  • Q. If I am already registered on Adda52, do I have to register on PSL to play the online events?

    A. You must register on Poker Sports League to be informed of all the League activities and to enter the drafting pool. You will also receive 24 tickets to play PSL satellites on Adda52.com via the link provided on PSL website.

  • Q. How will I know which events to play online on Adda52?

    A. The schedule for online qualifiers on Adda52 will be clearly mentioned on PSL as well as Adda52 website. The players can decide based on this schedule which events they wish to play.

  • Q. What is the frequency of the events? Online and Live?

    A. For Season 2, There will be 72 online qualifiers and 72 offline qualifiers that will take place within 3-4months starting December 2017. Please check the schedule page to be updated.

  • Q. Which cities will the live tournaments take place?

    A. The cities list will be shared soon by PSL.


  • Q. When and where will the Main Event take place?

    A. For Season 1, the Grand Finale was held in Goa from May 24th - 28th, 2017.
    Season 2 Finale will be held in the first week

  • Q. If I cannot attend the main event, what happens then?

    A. As a PSL player and a team member, your code of conduct implies that you have to present for the main event. But due to some unavoidable circumstances if you are unable to attend, the discretion lies with the Team Owner and PSL.

  • Q. When will the team members meet each other?

    A. Before the Final event, teams are encouraged to make their players attend the Boot camp which will take place 2 days before the event for strategy planning and bonding. Besides this, owners and mentors can organize events for more team harmony.

  • Q. What kind of formats will be played during the final event?

    A. Various structures and formats of poker will be played during the final events and formats. The PSL has worked tirelessly on the perfect tournament fixture for players which will be a combination of finely structured and skills testing tournaments. For Season1, each team was given 100,000 PSL Points each day for 4 starting days. There were multiple tournaments during each day and based on performances by teams, points were awarded to each team over multiple events in those 4 days. The final day (day 5) starting stack of each determined on teach teams performance over the 4 sayd. The prize pool was awarded on day 5 based on team standings. A similar structures will be followed for Season 1.

  • Q. Is there any tax applicable on the winnings?

    A. PSL functions within the legal tax framework set by the Government of India. If your winnings fall in a specific tax bracket, then applicable tax implications should be met respectively by the team players and owners.