When is the Poker Sports League Season 4 Happening?

Poker Sports League Season 4 is going phygital which is a combination of physical & digital.Online qualifiers are starting from Nov 25th ’21 on Hashtag Poker App. Online league matches will start from Jan 17th ’22 & the Live finale from Feb 7th ’22.

How can we be a part of Poker Sports League Season 4?

As an amateur player, you can enter the league through online qualifiers from the Hashtag Poker App. As a professional poker player, you can qualify through the Captain & Pro Category

Are the qualifiers going to be online qualifiers or onground qualifiers?

All the qualifiers for season 4 will be online qualifiers and no on ground qualifiers will be held as for safety measure due to covid 19.

Is there a registration fee?

No, the Poker Sports League charges no fees for registration, The only way is to register for qualifiers on our Hashtag Poker App.

What are the Perks of being part of a Team?

Along with the monetary benefits, you get to play team poker, learn from some of the best players in India, help grow the game, interact and play with the best internationally, holistically developing yourself as a player and a part of the team. All while making history.

How many total qualifiers will be there & how many qualifiers a player can play?

In total there will be 15 qualifiers & the maximum qualifiers a player can play is 6 qualifiers.

What is the process for the online qualifiers for PSL S4 Phygital?

A player can play maximum of 6 qualifiers and make his place on our online qualifier leaderboard. Top 180 players from this leaderboard will be in the PSL draft, after which there will be a seperate 3 days series call PSL draft to PSL seat, out of which the top 30 players will get direct entry into PSL S4 Phygital.

What is the team composition for PSL S4 Phygital?

There will be 6 teams. Each team will have 12 players. 1-Team owner, 1-Captain, 2-Pros , 5-Qualifiers, 1-Substitute qualifier, 1-Women player, 1-Sponsored player.

What is the schedule for PSL S4 Phygital?

25th Nov to 9th Dec – PSL S4 Qualifiers
10th,11th,12th Dec – PSL Draft to PSL Seat
21st Dec – Selection Ceremony
17th Jan to 29th Jan – Virtual League matches
7th Feb to 13th Feb – Live Finale

After getting PSL seat how will a player get selected in a team?

Once you got into PSL draft and then won the PSL seat, In selection ceremony each team will bid on you and you will be selected in the team which bids highest for you.

What fee do i get as a qualifier?

The base price of a qualifier is 50k and the base fee of the qualifier will be decided upon the highest bid amount by the team who selects the qualifier.

How are the teams selected?

The players who top the leaderboard in online qualifier & tops the leaderboard in PSL draft to PSL seat will get selected a qualifier.There is an option to retain 1-pro and 1-qualifier from the previous season. Other Pro will be selected from the pro draft & women player will be selected from the women draft. Sponsored player will be selected by each team individual sponsors.

What do you mean by phygital league?

This means PSL S4 will be digital as well as phygital. League matches will be conducted online on our Hashtag poker app and Finale will be conducted live.

If any technical error occurs, what action will be taken?

If not being able to play due to slow internet connections, faulty hardware, internet connection failure, low computer configuration or for any other reason not attributable then we are not responsible for the same.
If technical error occurs from our side, then we would pause the tournament and resume from the point before the technical error occurred.

What document do I have to submit for KYC?

You have to provide a photo holding your photo ID for a successful KYC registrations.

Can I choose the team?

In PSL, our structure is one where the Teams select the players from the draft. Once selected, you have to play for the team you are selected for.

How many matches will a player get to play?

Each player needs to play 5 matches. (5 non-video and 1 video match)

What will be the formula to calculate points in qualifier tournaments?

Points = 10 * (sqrt(total players) / sqrt(position)) * (10.2104)

Why KYC is required when real money has not been involved?

KYC is required to keep the integrity of the league intact and avoid multi-accounting and ghosting.

Have any other questions?

Please write to us at info@pokersportsleague.com and we will get back to you at the earliest.